Treehouse Nursery / Secure Pre-School Care and Learning Environment

Since 1991, Treehouse Nursery has provided a secure pre-school care and learning environment for babies and children in the Wanstead area. Over the years, Treehouse Nursery has built up a trusted reputation for offering a relaxed and friendly space where children are safe and secure and encouraged to learn in ways which they will remember and enjoy. The friendly and professional staff at Treehouse Nursery take the time to get to know each child on a personal level in order to formulate tailored learning plans which play to the child’s strengths and include encouragement in areas where they may need extra confidence. Every child at Treehouse Nursery is assigned a key person who is responsible for them. This key person is able to develop a strong relationship with the child and put together a learning plan which is appropriate for their needs based on their own observations, conversations with the child when old enough and with parental input.

Treehouse NurserySafety and security are prime concerns of all parents when leaving their loved ones in the care of others. Treehouse Nursery only allows authorised persons to enter the building, identified using a state of the art biometric fingerprint recognition system. The vast majority of the staff at Treehouse Nursery are qualified paediatric first aiders, well in excess of the government regulation which states at least one trained first aider must be on the premises at all times. Treehouse Nursery also operate in-house training for all staff covering health and safety, safeguarding and data protection amongst other things. The management team at Treehouse Nursery includes two ex- OFSTED / Tribal inspectors who between them have thirty years’ experience in childcare, again far above the regulation two years’ experience required by law, and well over 90% of the staff at Treehouse Nursery are certified to NVQ level 2 or above. In recognition of the importance of under-fives education Treehouse Nursery also employs a full-time infant teacher and Early Years professional trained to NVQ level 7, providing challenging yet fun curriculum based learning to prepare older children for the transition to primary school. Group activities at Treehouse Nursery encourage social and emotional development while the range of toys and equipment both indoors and out provide the children with a variety of options for exploring their physicality and keeping fit.

Treehouse Nursery | Mission Statement from Wanstead Nursery

Treehouse Nursery is a group of two nurseries and one breakfast and after school club in Wanstead, North London. Since 1991, the company has been providing quality care and education for children from three months up to five years. This vital part of a child’s development is carefully structured by the experienced staff at Treehouse Nursery to develop the key aspects of early years learning that will give children the necessary skills to start primary school. In as much as educating the children, Treehouse Nursery is committed to providing a safe environment that parents can leave their children in while they return to work.

Regulated by Ofsted, Treehouse Nursery pays close attention to the guidelines they set down for the education of early years children. The activity programmes that Treehouse Nursery provide are essential to children growing up, taking them through every stage of comprehending the world in a Treehouse Nurseryfun and engaging way. Through group activities, children can learn how to share, play together and socialise. Treehouse Nursery are also keen to promote a programme of learning right from wrong, enhancing every child’s experience at the nurseries. Many activities are also geared towards developing physical skills, in addition to mental ability so that children have a good idea of hand-eye coordination, balance and mobility by the time they leave Treehouse Nursery.

Treehouse Nursery staff are also regularly trained in the skills they need to be able to educate children. This includes not only an extensive induction programme once they start their employment that will teach them the expectations of the nursery but Treehouse Nursery ensure that they employ the right people for the job. Ofsted expects that 50% of nursery staff have obtained at least a level 2 qualification in early year’s education. For 96% of those employed at Treehouse Nursery, they have achieved this qualification, if not higher. Parents can be at ease with the fact that Treehouse Nursery will provide the education and safety that their children require.

In addition to meeting the needs of Ofsted, Treehouse Nursery is also committed to working closely with parents. They will regularly update them on the progress of their child, and show off the skills that the children learn while attending Treehouse Nursery. While difficulties are uncommon, Treehouse Nursery will also alert parents to any issues that might arise with their child and explain the steps they are taking to eliminate any problems.

Treehouse Nursery | London Nursery Hosts Festive Grotto

Treehouse NurseryChristmas is a wonderful time of year, and while parents might enjoy socialising with rarely seen family members, it is fundamentally about the children. Few can resist the smiles of a child on Christmas morning when they see what Santa Claus has brought them. The build up to Christmas is often the best part, however, with advent calendars counting down ever so slowly. December is filled with festive events though in an attempt to pass the time, and many local institutions as well as businesses host Christmas Grottos or visits from the man himself. One such nursery in Wanstead, North London has done exactly that, turning their after school club in Grove Hall into a winter wonderland, replete with festive decorations and a nativity to round the day off.

Parents and the local community were invited to attend the Treehouse Nursery Christmas Grotto on Saturday 21st December 2013 where payment of a small fee (£3 for children) will gain entry to the spectacular Christmas scene. There were plenty of things to do once inside the Grotto, with dioramas of quaint winter villages surrounded by fake snow and baubles to look at while the kids could go and sit on Santa’s knee. A strong tradition of Christmas, the children beamed as they told Father Christmas what they might like come the morning of the 25th.

As well as the decorations, the nursery also performed a brilliant nativity, sticking close to the traditional story of Joseph and Mary, delivering the baby Jesus. The children must have practiced for hours prior to the event to make their short play as memorable as it was, with proud parents looking on.

Treehouse Nursery in Wanstead operates two nurseries, in addition to the after school club where their grotto was displayed. In business since 1991, the nurseries have been praised over the years by Ofsted, the education regulatory body on their ability to deliver the early year’s curriculum in such an engaging way and it is clear from the smiles on the children that they enjoy their time there. Potential parents are encouraged to visit the company’s website where they can view important information such as opening hours and fees, as well as read the nursery’s mission statement that highlights precisely what they can expect should they send their children there.

Treehouse Nursery Offers Care for Kids of Commuters

According to Randstad Financial & Professional Londoners are on average commuting for 56 minutes per day. This is a considerably large amount of time if you consider just how long it takes to get a family of four out in theTreehouse Nursery mornings or where to send your children over the holidays, while you have to be at work.

When choosing a nursery school for your child, the opening hours and holiday times have to coincide with your life, or you as a parent will be left with struggles should your commute run late or your company not closing over holidays. Parents with full time jobs and children in Nursery care have to play a fine act of juggling between the school’s opening hours and the parents working schedule and commute times.  More and more parents who spend on average 56 minutes per day commuting are missing out on almost an hour a day for spending time with their children, time that often coincides with breakfast or after school. This is where nursery schools like Treehouse Nursery are valuable, because they offer holiday clubs, before and after school care so that parents can continue with the hustle and bustle of their career in the city, with the know that their children’s needs are being taken care of in any way they also offer an environment that is a home away from home.

Treehouse Nursery School in Grove Hall offers the largest holiday club located at both Woodbine Place and Cambridge Park nurseries. Although the largest holiday club, the staff to child ratio for children aged four to eight is 1:8 and for children over the age of eight and up is 1:10 ensuring that your child is being looked after whilst interacting with other children and a variety of learning and social developmental activities.

For those parents who have to wake up before the sun to get their days going, many nursery schools now provide breakfast care along with holiday care. Such a nursery school is Treehouse Nursery who are open for breakfast, ensuring that even if you as a parent rush though the morning without breakfast, your child will still have care and breakfast taken care of, which is a certain way to give a busy parent some extra breathing space in the morning.

For parents who have far to commute or obscure working hours, Treehouse Nursery School also provides care into the early evening, more peace of mind for parents who have busy lives with long commutes and are set on providing their children with the best education possible.

Treehouse Nursery School’s Advice for Parents with Shy Toddlers

Does your little one hide his face whenever anyone tries to talk to him? Or does he refuse to join in on the fun at preschool and shy away from the other kids?

Treehouse NurseryMaybe your toddler will never be that extroverted kid who commands the spotlight, but at least he can learn to deal with his shyness. Treehouse Nursery proposes a few tips to help shy toddlers deal with social situations better.

Helping your child to talk to adults

  • Be a good model. Make sure you always greet people in a warm, friendly manner, and your kid might learn to do the same, trying to imitate you (as you know they love to). Even if they don’t become the chattiest of all, at least the idea of smiling and speaking to other adults will not seem such an ordeal anymore.
  • Provide a script. If you know you will go out and meet people, give your kid a heads-up. For example, if you’re bringing him to work with you, tell him “There will be people at the office who will be very happy to meet you. They will say hello to you, and you and I will both say it back.” If your child hides behind you and goes into mute mode, simply act like nothing happened and try again with another occasion.
  • No Pressure. If your kid is painfully shy, even a simple “Hello” can mean a huge effort for him. Don’t pressure him to do more than he can handle, as this might actually exacerbate his shyness.

Helping your child to socialise with other kids

  • Arrange one-on-one play dates. Going to nursery school or parties and having to meet a lot of overly-enthusiastic kids at once can become a terror for a shy toddler. On the other hand, if you start small and bring just one other child to play with your toddler at your place, you might see a lot of progress. This will be a lot less intimidating for your little one, especially since the whole encounter will happen in his safe haven.
  • Again, provide a script. To make socialising with kids less scary, teach your toddler what he might say to another kid in various situations. For example, if you’re taking him to art class, you can tell him that, if he wants to share, he should say “Hey, Danny, would you like to try out my colours?”
  • Engage other children yourself. If your toddler shies away at play dates, ask a nice kid around a question, so that your child can see that chatting with others is not terrifying at all. You might even get the surprise of seeing your kid joining in!

Follow these simple tips offered by Treehouse Nursery and soon enough, you will see your child facing social situations with a lot more confidence. All he needs is a little encouragement and a lot of practice.

Treehouse Nursery Provides a Comfortable Atmosphere for Your Child

Treehouse Nursery School is a dedicated childcare facility, providing daycare for children ages 0 to five years, as well as before and after school programmes. Staff members strive every day to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for the children in their care. Upon entering Treehouse Nursery, parents and children are treated with respect and concern. Parents can participate in their child’s activities when it is convenient for them and the staff members will keep them apprised of any achievements, progress and friendships their child has made.

Treehouse NurserySince 1991, Treehouse Nursery Schools have worked hard to follow their mission statement, which outlines exactly what the community, parents and children can expect from their daycare facilities. Treehouse Nursery aims to provide a stimulating, warm and happy environment for each child that attends the school. The staff promotes safety while learning in an active and open atmosphere. In addition Treehouse Nursery staff wish to have a trusting and respectful relationship with the parents and guardians of the children in their care.

In order to achieve this, Treehouse Nursery staff members listen and respond to all concerns the parents express. They keep parents informed of all changes in policies and procedures, including fees and opening or closing times, as well as what programmes of activities are offered to their child. Staff members understand how important it is for parents to feel secure that their children are in good hands while they are not with them. To make this happen, they are always open to discussion at the parent’s request.

Treehouse Nursery School holds fast to its commitments. These are to provide care that puts the needs and safety of the child first while still being educational, entertaining and fun. Additionally, the school continues to strive to provide activities that are focused on the child’s particular likes and dislikes, promoting physical, social, intellectual and moral development. Parents are asked to participate by initially answering questions to help staff members get a grasp on their child’s personality and also getting involved in the activities whenever they can.

All members of the community are welcome at Treehouse Nursery School. Part of the mission statement includes zero tolerance for bullying of any kind and no discrimination is allowed. Children are treated with loving care while parents are given the respect they deserve. Staff members at Treehouse Nursery understand how important it is for parents to know that their children are safe when they cannot be with them. This is why they are dedicated to caring for the children who attend the school in a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Parents Can Feel Safe with Treehouse Nursery

Parents can trust their children with Treehouse Nursery School and have been since 1991. The school offers appealing programmes to adults who are anxious for their children to be cared for in a loving, warm and safe atmosphere. Safety is extremely important to parents and to the administration at Treehouse Nursery School. For this reason, CCTV cameras have been installed and a fingerprinting recognition security measure is in place to keep both children and adults in the buildings safe.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery School complies with all child care regulations, including the Children’s Act 1989. The main focus and mission for the school is to provide a safe, warm and happy environment for the children that attend. The school aims to teach children to have a strong sense of self-esteem and to carry a positive attitude. As a school with a zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination, the services are available to everyone and anyone in the community. Building up a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence is essential to their development into an active and happy adult.

The staff members at Treehouse Nursery School use three learning cycles to teach children to be strong, courageous and intelligent adults. The first of these is active learning, which is important all throughout life. Many people learn better and faster when they are able to perform the task they are learning. Instructors show them how to do it, just as teachers show children how to read and write.  Failure is something that everyone has to deal with sometimes. Children at Treehouse Nursery are taught to keep trying until they find success and to delight in that success by being proud of themselves.

The second cycle Treehouse Nursery uses in their care of children is to think creatively and critically. It is important to be able to generate new and innovative ideas by thinking creatively. Logic and critical thinking will help them understand how to work through obstacles and set-backs and how to avoid those problems in the first place. The third cycle simply involves play. It is vital for children of all ages to have time for themselves, to do things they enjoy, and have fun. Children at Treehouse Nursery School are taught while they play, which is the best way for young minds to learn and retain information. Throughout all of these learning cycles, parents are included and encouraged to participate. By playing alongside their child, parents give the child a sense of pride, which is a nice boost to their self-esteem.

After School Clubs at Treehouse Nursery

Being a working parent is no small task when you have to constantly juggle work and home life, and keeping everybody happy. And while not all mums are able to stay at home and look after the children anymore, parents still want the best for their kids when it comes to childcare, school and aftercare facilities. If parents just glance at the news these days, there are a number of very scary reports confirming that you can’t just leave your kids with just anyone after school.

Treehouse NurseryBut it’s not only after school. Parents have a similar problem during school holidays. If you have a full time job, you don’t get school holidays off to look after your kids. This is a dilemma that many working parents really have a tough time with today.

Then there is the question of finance. Finding the right place for your child to go in the afternoon is one thing, but finding the money to pay for it is another. Childcare is expensive and you want to make sure that you are making the right decisions for your family.

Additionally, nobody wants their child collected from school and then dumped in front of a television until home time; parents want to know that the learning and education continues throughout the day. Making these decisions are difficult ones for families but sometimes it doesn’t have to be.

The Treehouse Nursery in Grove Hall on Grosvenor Road is the single largest after school club in Wanstead, providing facilities for local schools including Our Lady, Snaresbrook, Oakdale, Wanstead Church and Nightingale. They offer after school and holiday programs for kids between the ages of 4 and 11 years old, packed with activities like dance, music and drama as well as football and table tennis. And they are open until 6.30pm in the evening, so parents who have a long commute can have complete peace of mind, knowing their kids are safe and well looked after. For younger children, there are nursery sites at Woodbine Place and Cambridge Park, where children aged 3 months to 5 years are catered for between 7:30am and 6:30 pm.

With 22 years of experience providing quality pre and after school care, the Treehouse Nursery provides parental peace of mind. Every parent worries about and misses their child during the day, and to be able to pick up a happy, healthy and bubbly child, excited to tell their parents about the day they have had at school, helps every little bit to relieve their parents worry.